Catherine Delaloye

Ryley Dunn

Born in Switzerland and raised in California, Catherine moved to sunny London and pursued a career in acting and modelling.

Her cool demeanour and subtle delivery of her lines caught the attention of the filmmakers at an open audition for Welcome to Essex and she was soon offered the leading role of former Army specialist
Ryley Dunn.

Her Character is named in tribute to the late comedy actor and ‘Jackass’ mainstay Ryan Dunn, a favourite of the production crew.

Greg Burridge

Sergeant Jerry Ahern

Essex-born London resident and professional Lucha Britannia wrestler Greg is a funn, talented and a menacing performer.

He attended an invitation audition at the Smoking Monkey Production offices and tried out for the lead male role of Special Forces Support Group Sergeant Jerry Ahern, a soldier cut off from his chain of command and thrown into leading the ragtag group of survivors folloing the apocalypse.

Sgt. Ahern is named after prolific American author Jerry Ahern, a friend and favourite author of writer/director Dyan J. Fleming.  Jerry sadly passed away shortly before production began and his widow, Sharon, gave the naming of Greg’s character her full blessing and support.

Sarah-Grace Neal

Jessica Sloane

Sarah-Grace is an Essex resident, born and bred, as well as a sporadic YouTube blogger and performer.  She sings, writes and models for artists, as well as indulging in her love of performing arts.

Sarah-Grace plays Chelmsford student Jessica Sloane, caught in Brentwood when the world falls apart.

Sarah-Grace sent in a video audition to the producers of Welcome to Essex and was soon offered the part after they were impressed with her range and stunning good looks!   Jessica Sloane is named after Sloane McQuewick, a charactor in the HBO series ‘Entourage’.

Muzzy Tahir

Muzzy Scolari

Essex boy Muzzy is a singler/songwriter in various rock bands that tour throughout the South-East.  Welcome to Essex is his first feature film.

His character, Muzzy, is what a casual observer might call a chav but there is much more to him than meets the eye….

Muzzy (the actor) came to the attention of the filmmakers after bumping into them in a pub one evening!  After learning of the film, he asked to try out for it, did so and soon got the part, impressing them with his versatility and acting prowess.  Muzzy Scolari is named of Squeak Scolari, a character in the hit Universal movie ‘BASEketball’.


Charmaine-Danielle Moody

Essex resident Sophie is a successful model and actress. Her statuesque presence and stunningly classical, beautiful good looks, coupled with her amazing acting ability and incredibly friendly nature, soon landed her the part of Charmaine.

Charmaine-Danielle Moody is the wife of fictional Tottenham Hotspur footballer David Moody and finds herself stranded in Brentwood after the government explodes high-altitude nuclear weapons over the county.

Sophie attended an open audition and read for a few roles before being chosen for the part of feisty WAG Charmaine.

Charmaine is named after British horror author of the ‘Hater’ trilogy and ‘Autumn’ series of best selling novels and friend of the director, David Moody.


Essex Traffic Police Officer Rex Files

Former Brentwood resident and child actor, Jonathan shot to early stardom on British television as the lead actor in a memorable series of adverts for Walkers Crisps. He was “The chief taster for Walkers Crisps”, in case you were wondering!

A talented actor and old friend of the director, Jonathan attended an open audition, where he read for various roles before landing the role of the traffic cop Rex.

Rex Files is a humble, uninspiring Essex Police traffic officer caught in Brentwood when the world ends suddenly. Preferring to blend into the background rather than make decisions, Rex keeps himself to himself and lets the military take the reigns for now.

Rex Files, whist never mentioned by name on screen, is a nod to the TV series ‘The X-Files’!


Michele, the club survivor

Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital nurse, dancer and performer Michele Reynolds is a huge talent waiting to be discovered. With her stunningly beautiful good looks, amazingly infectious enthusiastic outlook on life and maniacal laugh, along with her seemingly-boundless talent, Michele is sure to be a huge star in no time. She came to the attention of the Welcome To Essex crew when she gate-crashed an audition evening for cast members trying out for a small role in a bespoke trailer for the film. She persuaded the producers to letting her try out and they relented. She blew them away and a whole new scene was soon written in to the main movie, including an 8-page monologue that she nailed in one take, first time! The filmmakers were so impressed with Michele that they’ve offered her the lead in their next film! Michele’s character isn’t ever called by name on screen, so she never had one written for her.


Mike Rider

Seasoned performer and all-round good guy Rob plays Warburton Smythe employee Mike Rider. Rob came along to an open auditions and read for various parts, eventually landing the role of Barry Attrick, with the role of Mike Rider going to another actor. However, when the other actor pulled out an hour later due to nerves, Rob was ‘promoted’ to the larger role of ‘Mike’!

Mike Rider works for the fictional global corporation Warburton Smythe, a running joke that features in all of the Smoking Monkey films. Mike is still in shock by the monumental disruption to his safe, cosy life and looks to Charmaine for comfort.

Mike Rider, never mentioned by name on screen, is a reference to the TV show Knight Rider!