Ryley Dunn

Ryley Dunn



Ryley is a woman of mystery. A loner by nature, she prefers her own company to that of others.

Having bounced from one meaningless job to another, Ryley is disillusioned with life in England. She has joined the masses on the unemployment line and spends her days either swimming through the complicated job search world or, more favourably to her, sitting in a field in the middle of nowhere, drinking and gathering her thoughts.

Born to American parents, Ryley’s past is shrouded in mystery. She doesn’t have any friends close enough to know her history and she likes it that way.
She’s often spotted in one or more of the pubs in Brentwood, drinking quietly alone in the corner before vanishing into the night.

Ryley has decided to opt out of society and leave England behind in favour of walking the lands abroad in a hope she can find the answers that will make her happy at last and finally eradicate the demons of her past.

She just has to wait another week for her savings to mount up enough for her to buy the last few things she needs.

But first she has to sign on one last time…

Catherine Delaloye

Born in Switzerland and raised in California, Catherine moved to sunny London and pursued a career in acting and modelling.

The daughter of a famous writer, Catherine has a love of language and took to acting like a duck to water.

Splitting her time between working in movies and her beloved pets, Catherine soon came to the attention of the makers of Welcome To Essex. She auditioned and landed the main role of ‘Ryley Dunn’, the loner with a mysterious past who finds herself caught up in the unfolding apocalypse devouring Britain.

“You should watch it because we are all putting in so much effort to make it amazing and who wouldn't want to see something amazing?” she says.

Catherine Delaloye.
Age: 25.
Welcome To Essex character: Ryley Dunn.


  • Welcome To Essex (2013)
  • 18 Years Later (2013).
  • About Time (2013).
  • The Double (2013).
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